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The Qualifications for ChildLight Schools Membership

  • Educational Training in ChildLight Schools is characterized by...
    1. Deliberate and continuing training of faculty and staff in applying the four principles of education (Atmosphere, Discipline, Life, and Relations) increasingly in all areas of school life.
    2. A program of regular training of local governing boards (School Boards, Ministry Teams, Church Sessions, and Committees) in the understanding and living out of Mason principles through campus meetings, seminars, and other venues.
    3. A program of regular training of parents in the understanding and living out of Mason principles through required reading, workshops, and other venues.
    4. A practice of visionary leadership by the principal of each school, supported by his or her local governing board, that brings each family into a greater commitment to the principles of Christian education that are inspired by Charlotte Mason.

  • Atmosphere/Life in ChildLight Schools consists of...
    1. An aesthetically pleasing learning environment containing attractive, authentic displays and tastefully mounted student work, within the limitations as imposed by the specific location of the school. Displays elucidate themes and topics studied, and take into account the visual learning of students.
    2. A consistent attention to the use of living books, elimination of content "twaddle", and inclusion of primary sources as key components of curriculum.
    3. A recognition of the value and necessary practice of narration as a primary method in acquiring and assessing knowledge.
    4. A presence of several Charlotte Mason practices including Nature Study, Picture Study, Composer Study, Poetry Study, Shakespeare, Handwork, Book of Centuries, Transcription and Dictation, and Recitation.
    5. A program of student assessments that includes examinations of broad knowledge rather than grasp of details only.
    6. A frequent opportunity for prayer, reflection and meditation to be engaged in by students, teachers, staff, and school families.
    7. An emphasis on giving one's full attention, putting forth one's best effort, doing careful and thorough work, and contributing to an atmosphere of simplicity that allows one to put self aside so that the focus can be on the ideas or habits at hand.

  • Relationships/Leadership in ChildLight school includes...
    1. A principal who has a commitment to and an increasing knowledge of Mason writings, and a passion to continually set goals that apply these to school life.
    2. An incorporation of varied relationships between students, parents, teachers and the community to include regular conferences, assemblies, stewardship of school property, cooperative play and learning, and consistent community service.
    3. A structure of small class sizes and low student-teacher ratios (preferably less than 20:1) in order to foster relational learning.
    4. A focus on the student's relationship to God and his parents as their primary motivation for learning and forming habits, rather than the use of extrinsic rewards for such.
    5. A willingness on the part of all association members to share all documents, publications, and handbooks freely with one another, only charging another association school for the actual cost of the materials.

  • The Cultivation of Discipline/Habits in ChildLight Schools look like...
    1. A diligent effort and plan to immerse students in moral and intellectual habit formation in all of school life.
    2. A similar effort to assist parents in building habits at home.
    3. Ongoing discussion to discern whether or not practices, materials, and activities adopted from the culture impede or promote the building of good habits.