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Creed Of The ChildLight Schools Association
(These are the shared beliefs of all Association members)
  • We believe that the uncertain ‘mystery of religion’, which characterizes all philosophical and religious enquiry throughout history, finds it resolution in the ‘musterion’ (Greek) of God, namely Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ-Messiah. God’s mystery, which was previously hidden, has been revealed. Christ is the Light of the world.

  • We believe that Jesus Christ perfectly reveals the Father. Not only is he God’s Light in our darkness, he is God’s Word which addresses our ignorance. His teaching and life define for all human teaching and life what the purpose of existence is, and thus how it is to be lived and enjoyed. Sin separates us from God and only in Jesus, the perfect sin-bearer, can the guilt of sin be removed. So too, for those who believe in Christ, only by taking up his cross and following him can ‘the image of God’ in man be restored: by ‘sharing in his sufferings’ ‘the power of his resurrection’ is made known.

  • We believe that when sinners turn to God in repentance and faith they receive the promised gift of the Holy Spirit. He brings forth his fruit of goodness - joy and beauty, love and truth – with increasing measure in their lives. Similarly, it is the Holy Spirit alone who brings them true freedom and ‘guides them into all truth.’

  • We believe that all human experience and knowledge is finite and limited. Nevertheless, God has given information about himself and ourselves, as of the world and history of which we are a part, which is both true and objective. Though not exhaustive, this word is entirely reliable and adequate and is found uniquely within the writings of the Old and New Testaments. It is this book, the Bible, which provides the sole definitive authority for all that is good and true in human experience as much as for all that is evil and false. 

  • We believe that the Kingdom of God comprises all that faithfully reflects his divine character and purpose. What conflicts with his goodness and truth must be rejected and opposed, what expresses it affirmed and confirmed. The church with its principal treasure, the gospel, is the representation of God’s Kingdom in the world; but it is not, for that reason, without fault. Nor is the world, which is ignorant of the truth of God’s Word, for that reason without virtue. Only the gospel can effectively alter the affairs of mankind, limiting their propensity for evil and liberating them for all that is good and wholesome in human experience.